(#liqatqq) @eldersnake@yarn.andrewjvpowell.com I actually meant the integrity of the folks that work and drive the Raspberry Pi foundation:

Eben Upton, chief executive of Raspberry Pi Trading, made the announcement today, but also made it clear the price increase is only temporary and only impacts one model of the Raspberry Pi 4. In February last year, the price of the Raspberry Pi 4 2GB drop

Kudos! 👌 I can only hope to aspire to the same levels of integrity. 🙇‍♂️ Too many greedy psychopaths out there 🤦‍♂️


(#sg2wy5q) @prologic@twtxt.net Yeah I agree; my issue is not that the technology can be used in such a powerful way, it’s the fact the data has to come from these big tech companies gathering it up all the wrong way.

In any case, I already use the government mandated QR check in app thing, I will not consent my data to be vacuumed up and given over by the likes of Bookface and Google 😆


(#sg2wy5q) @eldersnake@twtxt.net OTOh though this is a good example of where and how tech can help and be a tool for good 👌

However no Government will give this up now that they have it and who da fuq did they ask permission from? 🤔 The people who’s data it is?! 🤣

Power corrupts absolutely


(#23w3ova) @stackeffect@twtxt.stackeffect.de You are right! 🤦‍♂️ The logic in GetExternalAvatar() was a bit off. it would use the already cached avatar, previously found from an initial feed cache cycle of a new feed, but then never look at the .Avatar field of the feed’s metadata preamble and “override” what it had found before. I’ve fixed that now 🤞 and rolling out to at least my pod here at twtxt.net so let’s see what happens 🤗 Thanks for pointing this out! 🤟


(#ctdtuta) @darch@twtxt.net I really like what you’ve done here! @adi@f.adi.onl Are you still working on something too? @darch@twtxt.net You still need me to add the extra context vars we talked about right? I should do that 🤗 The emoji logo looks good I like the way you’ve laid it out in HTML/CSS (is it really a logo though at that point? 🤔) – Regardless I’m at a point where my gut tells me that we should probably just support “theme packs” if you will. There’s already been so much customization at the source level of various pods that I believe adding proper support for themes makes sense.


@adi@twtxt.net (#5jejozq) I never said that 🤣

However what I am not a fan of is how much money tech, and pharmaceuticals have made from this pandemic ! 🤦‍♂️ It’s disgusting the trillions of dollars that have been made and yet people are still dying 😳


Got my twitter archive today, so I’ll start coding the migration tool tomorrow.
I have not decided what I want to make it in yet, c, c++, rust or possibly F#. I’ll make it to my self for the challenge, but Ill put the code out for anyone to use.