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I’ve been thinking a lot about how we as a society partition and signpost communal spaces; how we attempt to ensure not only that everyone is safe, but that they feel safe, and welcome.

I wonder whether we’re seeing the end of communal changing areas, restrooms, etc. In care work, my focus was person-centric; that’s fine on the scale of that charity, but can we really design a public space with that as a goal? I don’t know. But Professor Stock isn’t the first person to express misgivings in this space, and, beyond what I too feel is a defence of liberty itself, I find myself coming back, again and again, to questions that echo her concerns.

”… A university has no obligation to shield impressionable minds from opinions they may find challenging and even offensive. On the contrary it has a duty to ensure that a full spectrum of views are aired without restraint. It is no hyperbole to say that the defence of Professor Stock, a cogent thinker and valiant voice for women’s rights, is now the defence of liberty itself.”

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