Recent twts in reply to #ijjwp4a

Great chat today on the weekly video call. We stayed mostly on topic, too!

Some things we talked about, for anyone who missed it. I hope nobody minds that I’m sharing.

  • Spoiler/NSFW tags in Markdown
  • Ideas for a potential browser extension 951
  • A strange bug in the web client regarding open ended HTML tags 952
  • What encrypted feeds might look like
  • Privacy respecting multi-factor authentication


@ullarah@txt.quisquiliae.com I asked GPT-3 to summarize and categorize the Email for you, here’s what it said:

Categorize this text:

This text is an email from a hacker who has gained access to the recipient’s devices and has been monitoring their internet activity. The hacker threatens to release embarrassing videos of the recipient if they do not pay a ransom of $1590 within 48 hours.


It’s just something I’ve been doing for quite a while now to bring together anyone from the Yarn.social / Twtxt community where we just have a good ‘ol fashioned Yarn about whatever and often also talk about upcoming features, interesting things that we’ve seen or have happened (like new spam bots that have joined my pod!) and how we can continue to improve the experience of the ecosystem at large as well as that of yarnd (what every Yarn.social pod runs)



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