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Thinking about disabling the two extra buttons for “forward” and “backward” on my mouse, because today’s websites don’t support this anymore, and it’d safe me the constant moments of “oh for fuck’s sake”. 🙄

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@aelaraji@aelaraji.com lol, yeah, that would be great 😂

@lyse@lyse.isobeef.org @mckinley@mckinley.cc Huh, I envy you. 😅 I was browsing my GitHub stars, clicked Next a couple of times and then hit the back button on my mouse. Boom, I don’t get back to the previous page but to my profile page: https://github.com/vain?tab=stars

At work, it is absolutely pointless to expect forward/backward to work. Almost everything breaks. Maybe some older Jira still works, but that’s about it.

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