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In-reply-to » Muay Boran Martial Arts Sparring w Small Gloves 7: Strike and Grapple In Muay Boran sparring we can apply both strikes and grappling exchanges. This allows practitioners to get accustomed to using other body weapons aside from just striking. In today's fighting environment, it's important to know how it feels to be taken down and hit on the ground. By becoming familiar with level changes, practitioners learn to deal with pressure in any circumstance and counter accordingly.#martialarts #muayboran #muaythai #warrior #technique #selfdefense #karate #kungfu #kickboxing #martialartstraining #sparring #sweeps #silat #combatsports #mma #howtospar #foryou Huh, a twtxt feed hosted on Google Drive.

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A careless rm -rf just got me, big time. I realized what had happened and stopped it in less than a second, but it had already deleted ~3000 (70 GiB) of files I didn’t want to delete. Luckily I had backups in Restic.

Fun fact: This is the first time I’ve had to restore more than a file or two from any of my Restic repositories.

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In-reply-to » @mckinley, what's your npub? Mine is npub1fzsnac6k335u7tmjmrhalyyp78ccq3t4vyx7m2zchafax2eeqaxqx3kj5s. Maybe I’ll get back into it at some point. I think it would be a little excessive to have a standard twtxt, a rich twtxt, and a Nostr feed, not to mention a regular blog and a separate “notes” section on my website.

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In-reply-to » Today's project: Put 2 failing hard drives in RAID 0 and boot from it. What could go wrong? No pain here. There’s no important data on them, and the first portion of the drives work reliably enough that there weren’t any issues before I had to shelf it. This is just for fun. I don’t even think I’d consider it a war game.

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In-reply-to » Today's project: Put 2 failing hard drives in RAID 0 and boot from it. What could go wrong? It booted. I was going to do more but I had actual work to do so I shelved it. Maybe I’ll come back to it another time. These drives are in really bad shape, though. They hold up udev by 30-60 seconds on every boot, even when booting the Arch install ISO, covering the console with lots of SATA errors and timeouts I don’t really understand.

Badblocks via mkfs.ext4 -cc was taking too long on the full 1+1 TB array so I made new 250 GB partitions and neither drive had bad blocks in that range so it was just a waste of time. Maybe if I come back to it I’ll do the full array and have the EFI system partition in RAID 1 just for fun. I didn’t know that worked with software RAID.

The key part is to use –metadata 1.0 in order to keep the RAID metadata at the end of the partition, otherwise the firmware will not be able to access it.

I had the ESP on a USB stick for simplicity’s sake.

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