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The EU Has Introduced a New ‘Digital’ ID. Here’s What It Means for You. []
The EU’s “digital” ID (an app to prove identity online) plan raises privacy concerns: “[it] could allow the private sector to better access people’s government-certified information, actually strengthening the likes of Facebook and Google and the targeted advertising industry.

WHY? Oh menno

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#golang - I tried something with Mithril.js and Golang, but I do not know how to read the JSON send via PUT to the server. It is driving my crazy. All I get is a bunch of weird “true false true false 0 0” values in the request.Body.

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It will be hot at the weekend - Summer is back - and how: The German Weather Service expects temperatures to exceed 30 degrees this weekend. In France it is supposed to get even warmer, while Spain is already suffering from a heat wave.

⤋ Read More and others may I ask you to review some code? It is not finished yet, but I think I am on a good way. Still needs some polishing. WebDev is actually new to me with all the status codes and stateless things and everything. So feedback would be appreciated. Using Redis because it was easy to setup and to implement. Actually want to use SQLite or something else, but Redis seems to do the job for now.

⤋ Read More Ich mag deine Webseite. Sehr strukturiert und einfach gehalten. Fuer das ganze gopher Zeug habe ich genommen. Muss aber auch ehrlich zugeben, dass ich echt verwoehnt bin von dem “Mach mal alles im Browser”. Dabei finde ich Terminal Sachen gar nicht so schlecht. Aber wie so haeufig, gibt es viele Dinge die man machen will und einfach viel zu wenig Zeit sie alle umzusetzen.

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Atlas of food

Food tastes especially good when it is authentically prepared. But what makes a dish authentic? And where is the best place to eat it? The world map of the website “” shows which food is typical for the countries of our earth, which ingredients make the dishes so special and where the best restaurants are to be found in order to subject them to the taste test yourself. A true treasure chest of old and unknown delicacies waiting to be discovered.


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In-reply-to » Gooood Morning everyone. It has been quite some time that I have checked here. How is everyone doing? Any important things I have missed? Yes, with more and more people coming back to the offices, or forced to go back, a lot of work is asked to be done by management who still sits home (I still feel it this way sometimes). Don’t run into a burnout or similar.

I hope you do enjoy your vacation. We definitively will. But more on that later :-)

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In-reply-to » Gooood Morning everyone. It has been quite some time that I have checked here. How is everyone doing? Any important things I have missed? I am also super sorry for not being able to work on the pollinator project. But I did ditch Golang actually as I was not able to dedicate time to it. Unfortunately… I might do it in Python, as I need to learn how to do web dev with that and Flask.

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Cleaning up my iPhone 11. We go on vacation soon, so I need lots of space for photos and videos. I’m also considering replacing my Canon PowerShot SX730HS with an Olympus TG-6. Just to have a tougher cam with me. I am actually afraid of loosing my phone while on a RIP boat. Or I should get case with a strap. Anyone has a recommendation for that?

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