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In-reply-to > So, @prologic, having a slash on the nick breaks mentions. Is there a consensus on which characters are allowed on nicks, or just about anything goes? Evidently I am not going to be exchanging that many twts (if anything at all) with someone with a slash on their nick, but it would be nice to either set some "standard", or fix mentions (again?!) to accommodate.

@prologic @movq Well, my parser just accepts anything except a space and closing angle bracket in a mention’s nick, so this sexy nickname would be completely fine: @<äöü:;,.-_?$§=“)$(§@f</#> It’s pronounced “lol”.

Not sure, if we really need to standardize anything. But if you truely want to, how about hyphens and underscores? They’re pretty common, too. Just think about @off_grid_living. Actually, I don’t follow anybody with a hyphen in their nick, but I’m sure, they’re out there. @~duriny uses a tidle, I’m fine with that, too. So probably include tildes as well. The twtxt reference implementation also converts nicks to lowercase. Is that a thing we will keep? Also, why is the slash a problem? Because it’s a word boundary?

In-reply-to > So I was writing a little "wordle"-like game in Rust, when suddenly … oops … there’s no rand() … 😬

@movq Oh dear, that’s indeed very disappointing to include third-party libraries all over the place. My experience is exactly the same, if it works, it will never be touched again. Regardless of the language.

In-reply-to > My first attempt of guessing a German word was a close failure:

@xuu The variant has Backspace and Enter reversed compared to Nearly missclicked a few times. And I somehow have to wait for the countdown to reach zero or clear the local storage. :-( Now I have to trade the share unicode block for the instant next game.

In-reply-to > @prologic no biggies, mate. You are juggling quite a few balls. I am just making sure you keep the one that briefly dropped off on the air now. LOL.

@fastidious @prologic Hahaha, yeah, that was a truely funny moment in summer 2015. Very lucky that my mate caught this on video. No injuries, it was just very hot. And the lesson memorable, no doubt about that. There are plenty things I can’t do, like juggling five balls or more, plenty of three or four ball/club juggling tricks…