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In-reply-to » I just figured out, their domain was just one letter different from another EV charging company domain.

In their defense, they don’t have a web site up at that domain address.

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In-reply-to » Oh, btw, previous guys I worked with never heard of Go! They were doing embedded development just like you would JavaScript development, using only “the framework”, as I said:, compile times were super long (20s), the boss asked “How many times do I compile per day?” I said: “constantly….”. Just couldn’t work with the framework, was super slow. Had to develop the driver bare metal and after that integrate it!

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In-reply-to » @lyse This is what I was using cu for That was for an energy metering driver I made (EV charging stations).

I’m currently working on a VCS for small projects. Single file, plain text repository made entirely of just patches. I’m currently porting to 9Front and all I have is to do add suport for 3 way merging (I think I’ll just use diff3 on Linux and merge3 on OpenBSD for that. Currently it only supports plain text and no binaries.

This an example repo for my dotfiles, view log implementation in awk:

If interested, some 💵 would be great as I’ve been out of job for a few months now and they payed like shit when I was working with them.

You could clone that repo with only:

curl | tee v | patch -p0 

However, patch would leave some extra files in the directory.

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