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In-reply-to » 👋 Okay folks, let's startup the calls again.

I might join from mum’s house (on the phone), as she just asked me this evening to come by early to help her with a few things on her backyard. 😩

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In-reply-to » Lol, somebody reverse-engineered the secret API to tell Windows that some snake oil is installed: it is an interesting thing to do. I mean, he found a way to fool Defender, but why? A disabled Defender is worthless, and that’s what he is doing. If I were to use Microsoft Windows, I would want the Defender to be bonafide active.

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In-reply-to » @bender Maybe I'll get back into it at some point. I think it would be a little excessive to have a standard twtxt, a rich twtxt, and a Nostr feed, not to mention a regular blog and a separate "notes" section on my website. I am researching a bit on crossposting. I have a couple of Hugo static notes, for example, Netbros, and I figured that by using Algia, a Nostr CLI client, I can crosspost from Hugo to Nostr quite easily with something like:

cat | algia n --article-title "A long post test" --article-name "A long post test" --article-summary "This is a long post test. Let's see if it works as intended." --stdin

Same approach can be used with twtxt, or anything else!

Having my own relay ensures my notes in it remain for as long as the relay runs, at the very least. Of course, you can post to more than one relay.

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In-reply-to » I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for years now, worked fine. Today it’s down – and now I’m learning that it runs on Bing? 😳 I will take this as pretty clear:

“we have more traditional links and images in our search results too, which we largely source from Bing”

Emphasis mine. Of course, they could have spelled “links” as “results”. We all know that was done purposely. 😅

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