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In-reply-to » @kdx: I suggest you to try twtwt client, it's also written in C: Looks very interesting. Is this a recreation of the original client in C?

I compiled it and followed you, but whenever I run ./twtwt timeline it requests my followed feeds in an infinite loop. I didn’t realize until I sent, probably, 150 requests, so I’m very sorry for clogging up your logs. ./twtwt view win0error works fine.

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In-reply-to » Mmhh I thought I can use SONARR to automatically download news shows from the state funded public tv channels, but no, I can't. That's a bummer. Looking for another solution now. Maybe some rss downloader running in the background? TubeSync is nice, but only for YouTube. Link? yt-dlp supports nearly 2000 sites. I’m sure you could stitch something together, perhaps with ratt and a cron job.

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Anyone want to try out gtkatlantic? It’s an online clone of Monopoly.

Well, really, it’s the only frontend to a board game server that can be used as an online clone of Monopoly.

There are a couple public instances that we can use.

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