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(#2q6b5jq) I am glad your a fan of home made inventions. I will give you a close up next time.

This tool is useful for panel flooring, but not for tongue and groove floor boards, each one is nailed as you go, and you need enormous forces when squeezing the next board unto the last one. My bolt and screw device is 20mm nut welded onto the plate, for instance.


Yes Lyse and Eldersnake, the flooring is a hard product to work with, very brittle and easily split. The timber has a nice perfume smell, cyprus, related to the red cedar timber. It is not eaten by termites, and looks great when oiled. Varnish is not necessary. I use a special floor clamp to push gaps together, and warped boards. Usually the boards are straight, and have grooves end to end as well on the side.
You nail them closer than normal flooring at 350mm apart for joists. Rather than 450mm for other flooring.


Ergon Energy informed us they wish to replace our energy meter with a radiation emitting one, so they don’t have the hassle of reading our meter on foot. I just told them to disconnect us from the grid instead. We can’t stand the radiation and ill-health it causes. Now Dululu home will be soon off grid permanently.