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In-reply-to » I'm curious. How many people truly believe blockchain social networks are the future?

@stigatle@yarn.stigatle.no Very few people profit from crypto.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what kind of ponzi scheme these crypto ambassadors are running.
I get the feeling that one day they’ll come out and admit they got paid x amount to use these blockchain social networks and bring in more people.

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People are boring.
That’s the truth.

The posts people make on social media are their creative best.

In the real world, most of us get ignored by strangers.
I don’t always have random strangers walking up to me to strike a conversation.
And I highly doubt anyone would pull out their wallet and say, “Here’s 10 bucks! Tell me how your day was!”

Yet that’s exactly what blockchain social networks are trying to do.
The concept, by design, is flawed.
Is it the future? I highly doubt it

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I’m curious. How many people truly believe blockchain social networks are the future?

NFTs, tokens, monetization, revenue…

I’m sorry, but how are your random social media blabbers worth any money?
Unless you’re Shakespeare or Einstein or some philosophical or scientific genius, I don’t see why anyone would want to read your posts, let alone cash out some “crypto” from some “wallet”.

And that applies to most people. Sure, your lifestyle and your thoughts may be interesting. But who’s going to start paying to view what’s going on in your life?

As if likes, upvotes, hearts, and subscriptions weren’t narcissistic enough, let’s make people think someone wants to pay them with crypto to view their random posts online.

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Discovered this new social network.


Unfortunately, it’s plagued by the same issues are the others

Join the waitlist
Next we will check your wallet to validate your web3 footprint.
Bring other Web3 protocols directly into your posts - mint NFTs from other platforms, build an on-chain vote directly into a post - or integrate any other smart contract.

Leverage the rest of Web3 in a composable way, conveniently inside Lens posts.
Token gating allows you to control who can view your content in a flexible way.

You can gate access based on collecting the post, following, or ownership of any other NFT or token.

Super useful for creator monetization, memberships, and private posts - your imagination is the limit.

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Bluesky users sharing their profile links need to understand their profiles can’t be viewed by anyone without logging in.
Effectively, they’re promoting nothing.

Any social network that, by design, requires outsiders to sign up and log in to view profiles, isn’t quite appealing.
People often want to check out what’s going on before they commit to signing up on a platform. They want to know what kind of users the community has, and what kind of content they post.
It gives one an idea of whether they might be a good fit, or if the effort is worth the trouble.

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Welcome to the Socialverse of Tomorrow
Experience the Future of Social Networking, Now!
Uhive, the pioneering social network seamlessly integrating AI-enhanced experiences, blockchain technology, and next-gen tokenomics - revolutionizing your online social journey.

2 Billion Tokens in Circulation
8 Billion Interactions
+1,000,000 Crypto Wallets Created

Oh my!
Is this the cyberpunk future the movies predicted?

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Any product that was designed with the sole goal of making money has never really done well.

If you want something to be perfect, forget the money. Focus on the usage. Create something that you’d want to use.

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Reddit’s on the news.

They never quite improved, did they?

If you don’t like it, stop using it.
Quite simple really.
I can list a dozen Reddit alternatives off the top of my head.
Just like I could list a dozen Twitter alternatives and Facebook alternatives.

So it’s not like people don’t have a choice or other options.
But people want to sit around and keep using the same networks that seem to drive them mad.

People are addicted.
That’s the main problem.

The companies are not the problem. They’re just that - companies.
What do companies do? Make money.
What are their end goals? Make more money.

But the people have a choice. Do they want to continue using a company’s services and supporting them? Or do they want to walk out and try something else?

Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok - these are the new narcotics of the web.
Virtual narcotics.
You take a little, and you’re hooked.
They know you’re hooked.
They know you ain’t going anywhere.

What’s the character limit on this thing? I think I al

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The pandemic seems to be over.
There are no more mysterious seizures on the sidewalks.

Anyone remember that?
People dropping on the streets, shaking and convulsing to death?

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When you build a social network with the goal of monetizing it, you’ve already lost the plot.
‘Cause it’s no longer a fun project.
This is business, and you’ve got some paychecks to earn.

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Waiting lists on Twitter alternatives are a joke.
If you only knew how many FOSS alternatives there are right now…
While you keep people waiting, hoping to gain popularity, they’ll find their own niche community somewhere else. Good luck trying to draw them back in when registrations open

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