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In-reply-to » A thing from start of this month, that I never posted here: Media In this one, the uniform is generic, with a very subtle reference to the Czech flag, on the hat pin.

In the first ever picture of him wearing a uniform, he was wearing some kind of a WWII German airman one:


Neither can be considered his war attire of choice. That title would likely go to this stupid combination of a gold and silver spiked black bandanna, yellow decorated leather jacket, green belt with a heart shaped buckle and a white shirt with a burning tree.


Mythological canines aren’t exactly known for reasonable fashion/war attire. 😅

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In-reply-to » youtube ads, back button and forwards quickly seems to help (use keyboard shortcuts)

@iolfree@iolfree Good to know, but if you want to avoid them completely, use either a good front-end (Invideous/Piped), or install the uBlock Origin extension.

ReVanced (or forks of it), NewPipe, GrayJay, VueTube,… can do the trick on mobile.

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