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In-reply-to » Regarding I remember using Star $Something back in the days. I don't remember the exact name anymore and none of the screenshots of StarOffice look familiar. Hmm. I have a green UI in mind. Not sure if I completely hallucinate it or whether that was actually the case. It was a commercial software, not freeware, we had to buy it, I think. Hmm, I don’t know of a green-ish Office suite. I mean, LibreOffice is green, but that’s not what you mean. 😅

Ahhh, TeXNicCenter! Many people in Uni used this. What happened to it, is it dead? The last release is from 10 years ago. 🫤

Admittedly, it took me a while to figure out and appreciate all the advantages of actually marking up the document structure properly.

Same here, to be honest. I think it was HTML which changed that eventually. 🤔 Not sure if any “ordinary” users that I know use semantic markup, but then again, none of them write any documents that need this. And in reality, most people are more concerned (rightfully so) with the actual appearance of their document – so it is an extra step to first mark something as a heading and then change the document style to get the appearance they actually want. That’s why I think that all the “Works”-like suites aren’t complete rubbish. They have their place.

These days I rarely reach for LaTeX or LibreOffice to craft new stuff in my private life. Simple text files is usually it.

I was going to ask “but how do you write letters”, and then I realized that the last letter I’ve written was in 2022. 😂 It has become super rare indeed.

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In-reply-to » I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for years now, worked fine. Today it’s down – and now I’m learning that it runs on Bing? 😳 Going to be interesting to find out what caused this. 🤔 Bing (like, the real is still down for me as well.

DuckDuckGo’s help page doesn’t really make it clear that they rely on Bing that much:

I guess this outage is a good thing. 😅 Lots of people now read up on this.

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I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for years now, worked fine. Today it’s down – and now I’m learning that it runs on Bing? 😳

Why do I keep getting hits by a DuckDuckBot then? - - [23/May/2024:03:00:48 +0200] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 659 "" "DuckDuckBot/1.1; (+"

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In-reply-to » Two mates and I went on a 25km hike yesterday to the Wasserberg (lit. Water Mountain) and Fuchseck (lit. Fox Corner) on the edge of the Swabian Alb. They arrived by train and of course it was delayed by half an hour, "due to limited availability of tracks". That was a first one, I never heard that reason before. Another train had a breakdown in a train station and later my mates' train had to be rebooted, too. That restart alone took 10 minutes. O_o Software problem, it can't be helped.

O_o Software problem, it can’t be helped. (This was originally about an iPhone, IIRC, but it fits many situations. 🥴)

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In-reply-to » M a y b e p u t s p a c e s b e t w e e n t h e l e t t e r s t o t h w a r t t h e c r a w l e r s l i k e t h i s s o t h e y j u s t s e e i n d i v i d u a l l e t t e r s

H e i l i g e r S p e r r s a t z , B a t m a n !

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In-reply-to » One of the super frustrating things about this: I have to write lots of documents, but I am required to use horrendous software to do that. It cannot even number sections automatically, nor can you insert cross-references to other sections. Simple stuff like that. It all has to be done manually.

I spent some more time with StarOffice 3.1 and it is indeed a bit clunky (of course it is, it’s from 1996). For example, a table of contents does not update automatically – you have to delete it and re-insert it. Sometimes it has graphical glitches. Font rendering isn’t too great.

And yet, I wish we would use this instead of $the_other_thing at work. It’s much faster (on my Pentium 133!) and more featureful. 🫤 (Or, you know, StarOffice’s modern descendant: LibreOffice.)

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In-reply-to » One thing I’ve learned from locking down my Android phone (see #pknsrda):

Okay, GPS performance has degraded a lot over the last few days.

  • Time to first fix is a couple of minutes now, instead of 5-30 seconds.
  • Accuracy is reduced greatly, probably because the phone can one lock on to about 6-12 satellites, this used to be around 30 satellites.

In theory and under good conditions, you need 4 satellites to get a fix. But in reality, there are rarely “good conditions”, there are always buildings, hills, or trees nearby, so you need as many satellites as you can possibly get.

It’s not completely useless (yet), but it’s not great. I think I’m gonna lift some firewall restrictions. 🫤

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