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In-reply-to > Looks like my obfs4 bridge is getting some use! 🧅🌉 ^x^

@prologic Basically, it’s another way of connecting to the Tor network; bridges, generally, are non-advertised means of doing so, such that infrastructure operators’ blocking of public Tor nodes doesn’t prevent their customers from connecting to said network, should they choose to. The added benefit of an obfs4 bridge is that the Tor traffic over it looks random: https://support.torproject.org/glossary/obfs4/

In-reply-to > Really enjoying The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef, so far: https://pad.nfld.uk/p/thescoutmindset

@fastidious Yeah, absolutely, that’d be the ideal, when I’m thinking about my new book club: https://pad.nfld.uk/p/bookclub_master

Either way, it’s about staying motivated to learn. I’m always on the hunt for recommendations; this one came via Tyler Cowen from Marginal Revolution iirc.

My reading has taken a massive hit since becoming a dad, though, believe me!

In-reply-to > I've (sadly, I know) been pulled back to Reddit by a neat app, and, well, I had no idea just how much effort folks are now going to to stage stuff for views; really a step-change (at least!) from when I was last exposed to public videos regularly.

@ullarah Oh, no! Must - not - look. >.< ^x^ It’s Infinity for Reddit, actually; don’t even know why it grabbed me, if I’m honest.

In-reply-to > Calibre server is now up and running for my new book club. :-) The custom Docker image has already been downloaded 31 times! Need to update the repo I forked off at some point, I guess, if folks are actually using of my work.

Btw, anything in my yarns having to do with stuff I’m running will be reflected on https://nfld.uk somewhere. It may not be straightforward to find, though! Getting a bit hefty, for a home page. ;-)