Shall we promote the filter_and_lists feature in yarnd? 🤔 I still don’t like where the Logout button is, but I’ve gotten used to it 😅 (you are right it’s hardly used really)

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There is news regarding electricity prices. Until 31 March we will pay 0.70 EUR per kWh, with a tariff of 0.753 EUR during the day and 0.608 EUR at night from 23:00 to 07:00. From April, the prices will change and be reduced to 0.509 EUR during the day and 0.450 EUR in the night tariff. In May, prices will be reduced again slightly to 0.48 EUR during the day and 0.43 EUR at night. Although we are still not at the “pre-war level”, this is a significant improvement compared to January 2023, when we still had to pay EUR 1 per kWh.

However, I am curious to see how the supplier will charge for this when we get over the 2900 kWh limit. From this value on, the law says that we have to pay a maximum of 40 cents per kWh, and after that the normal price. However, exactly how and when this will be calculated is still unclear to me. I hope that there will be no surprises and that we won’t have to pay too much.

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Good morning to you all! Rain is still poring down, tired of getting wet each time I go outside. heh.
Going to rain all weekend it seems, but then next week it’ll get better. Hoped the rain would stop this weekend, but it seems like it wont.

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In other news, if someone is willing to chat with me (in a higher bandwidth medium) regarding the best way to approach upgrading broadband access in a large apartment building, I‘d be thrilled to take you up on it.

The peculiar Australian laws allow providers to sweep in unannounced and change everything, without residents having a say in the company that does it. But we can set requirements they must meet, and that’s where I could some help. Or a paid consultant.

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One of those where nearly everything I tried to do on a computer upset me, mostly by refusing to make it possible to use the concept of a "file" any more.

Binding file types to individual programs, even companies, is a scourge.

FFS there is now a "Files" APP, because we needed an app for files I guess? Because other apps can‘t use files?

And then there is the state of the web.

This industry is broadly embarrassing when it’s not just plain awful.

Feel free to push back, but right now: ugh.

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